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New video guide for v3.4 is updated:
– Installing for both Expo and Pro – https://youtu.be/XYsQcXTb_HA
– Add new payment gateway Razorpay – https://youtu.be/uTxvwgG9M3s (it’s now easy to add your own payment)

Great video from our success customer:

You are shop-owners of physical stores with high-traffic consumers and think to go digital. Or you are online shop-owners with E-Commerce websites. Both of you want to maximize sale opportunities. You are developers who are challenged to develop store mobile application in shorter time. You question how can MStore help. Here are your answers.

For those who own physical shops and developers, with MStore, you have variety ready-to-use E-commerce templates to create your mobile store application. If you had your online shops in WooCommerce, MStore supports you to convert your current websites to mobile store app easily. Your store mobile app will be found in both App Store and Google Play Store. With MStore, your mobile app gives higher user-experience comparing to website-on-mobile. Your products will appear clear and can be zoom without any format error. While you can control your store and orders of shoppers, your shoppers also can connect and stay aware of all promotions and announcements of your stores if they have your app on their mobiles.

Either you are business people with raising sale ambition or developers with faster mobile application creation need, MStore provides you solutions.
Faster- Smoother- Closer.

Email to support@beostore.io
Visit our official website: http://mstore.io
MStore Pro is one of the top of mobile app template 2017: https://code.tutsplus.com/articles/best-ios-app-templates–cms-29163
Let’s see some awesome tutorial from Tutsplus:

Feature list:

– Full integration with WooCommerce
– Support well on both iOs and Android.
– Social logins via facebook
– Easy customization for your brand.
– Push notification via OneSignal
– Multi languages support
– Support Shipping & Coupon
– Word with 99% payment gateway, same as on your website.

Change logs:

version 3.4.4 (29/12/2017):

1. Improve the product detail description 
2. Support fix price coupon percentage 
3. Fixed coupon issue
4. Fixed sign up issues, please also update the mstore checkout plugin v1.1.0
5. Fixed Wishlist navigation
6. Fixed product detail description
7. Fixed issue on Wishlist click on the item in order to view it, error navigation 
8. Fixed menu News issues 

version 3.4.3 (20/12/2017):

1. Fixed Image product detail and description layout
2. Fixed Order issues caused by missing Shipping line and email 
3. Auto load the billing address on next ordering
4. Fixed checkout issue from WordPress site - https://github.com/inspireui/mstore/blob/master/plugins/mstore-checkout/mstore-checkout.php
5. Fixed missing token when user sign up
6. Fixed Facebook login issue
7. Update latest React Native and Expo

version 3.4.2 (09/12/2017):

1. Update latest react native 0.51
2. Fix build issue on Android for the react-native-fbsdk (Could not find com.android.support:appcompat-v7:27.0.1.)
3. Add video guide for 3.4 - https://youtu.be/XYsQcXTb_HA
4. Add video guide for config new payment gateway Razorpay - https://youtu.be/uTxvwgG9M3s
5. Update documentation.
6. Action required to update the plugins https://github.com/inspireui/mstore/tree/master/plugins if you are using previous MStore version

version 3.4 (09/12/2017):

1. Support multi payment gateway
2. Add coupon feature
3. Add Shipping feature
4. Enhance Offline feature to support image cache (Pro version only)
5. Fix warning: React.PropTypes, React.createClass 
6. Update to latest Expo & React Native
7. Update config file for easy to modify
8. Upgrade config for status bar
9. Fixed https issues
10. Update react-navigation to latest version
11. Fixed image source issue from category page
12. Add parallax effect into Category page.
13. Update the left side bar  performance on Android
14. Add custom screen that could fetch any URL via webview, the menu item "Marketing Email" 
15. Hide the Tabbar when show product detail
16. Improve UX on tab navigation
17. Update Out of Stock checking
18. Improve security on Payment by remove key config from Strip & Paypal
19. Secure your Payment gateway without extra config
20. Add new video guide to setup the app completely.
21. Add animate processing with cool animated
22. Fixed Facebook login issues
23. Fixed issue after Logout
24. Upgrade config the checkout User-Agent (Pro version only) - https://goo.gl/GWC31y

version 3.3.3 (09/10/2017):

1. Fixed big screen issue on Android -https://imgur.com/9UPHmDb
2. Fixed "When clicking on the Product Link (title) on search results, the app crash" 
3. Fixed menu Settings Menu is not working.
4. Fixed RTL issues
5. Fixed Logout issue.

version 3.3.2 (05/10/2017):

1. Fixed billing address and phone issues when payment
2. Upgrade performance on left menu side bar
3. Fixed red screen issue when view post banner
4. Fixed better feature image issue when switching layout view

version 3.3.1 (22/09/2017):

1. Update latest Expo v.21.0
2. Fixed issues: https://github.com/inspireui/mstore/issues/59
3. Fixed login issues
4. Fixed variant products issues when first selected.
5. Improve keyboard input on SignUp and Delivery screens

version 3.3.0 (22/09/2017):

1. Update latest Expo v.20.0, Xcode 9 compatible 
2. Upgrade product variant
3. Add more extra homepage horizontal layout
4. Add more product list view to support dynamic config and loading
5. Improve performance 
6. Fixed Wishlist icon tap
7. Fixed back button on product detail page
8. Fixed crash on searching page
9. Fixed issue home icon menu (it will be easy to tap the menu)
10. Fixed left menu gesture issue
11. Fixed duplicate product on list view
12. Fixed homepage refresh issue
13. Upgrade dependencies for Reacttotron, Redux...
14. Support Iphone X layout

P/S: The latest react native 0.48.4 is not updated as it is not stable and impact to react-native-fbsdk

version 3.2 (19/07/2017):

1. Update latest React Native 0.46.3
2. Improve performance to faster 3X
3. Fixed some critical bug
4. Reactotron integration (https://github.com/infinitered/reactotron) 
5. Fix variant issues, add new video guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2--F4_sM_A

version 3.1 (04/07/2017):

1. Update latest React Native 0.45
2. Update Expo SDK 0.18
3. Fixed some major bug and UI issues.
4. Improve performance 
5. Add extra Website pre-config - http://github.com/inspireui/mstore

version 3 stable (22/06/ 2017):

1. Refactor menu navigation, using react-navigation
2. Remove Auth0
3. Add more Expo version
4. Improve UI layout
5. Support OneSignal
6. Support Stripe, Paypal, COD
7. Support Color and Size product variations.
8. UI/UX improvement.
9. Upgrade news pages.
10. And more...(continues update)

version 3:

1. Refactor menu navigation
2. Remove Auth0
3. Upgrade login screens
4. Improve performance

version 2.3 (03/02/2017):

1. Fix payment issues
2. Fix ssh issues
3. Improver performance
4. Fix library incompatable.

version 2.2b (03/02/2017):

Fix some issues from https
Please download and override to the services folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n83llaar12ogc86/WooCommerceAPI.js?dl=0

Fixed the checkout page crash problem: go to app/containers/checkout/DeliveryInfoForm.js Comment the code at line 55 “stylesheet: css” to see if this error goes away.

version 2.2 (13/12/2016):

1. Change category display from collapsible to modal.
2. Update dynamic fetching product display sizes for performance boost (check user guide for more info).
3. Fix a rare case when app can't fetch a customer by email.
4. Add PayPal payment option.
5. Fix a render issue that cause perfomance loss.
6. Fix Default product variation.
7. Small bug fix & code refactor.

version 2.1 (30/11/2016):

1. Add search function. 
2. Add Wishlist to side menu. 
3. Use product thumbnail image at Wishlist, Cart & Search for boosting performance. 
4. Fix Auth0 login with Facebook account. 
5. List of all countries is now available. 
6. Add Setting Scene in size menu - Add Langue switching option in setting - Add About us in setting 
7. Adjust fontSize in Home scene. 
8. Fix text break in Wishlist scene. 
9. Add the number item in Cart from Product scene. 
10. Change normal indicator to logo indicator.

version 2.0 (15/10/2016):

- Full integration with WooCommerce
- Apply Redux
- Social media logins via Facebook and Google.
- Push notifcation feature.
- Bug fixed and performance improvement.
- This version have not been updated for the payment yet, it will be updated on couple of days on v2.1

version 1.3 (10/10/2016):

- Fixed textInput issue layout on Android
- Fixed undefined from side bar menu on Android
- Fixed sticky header from the WordPress on Android.
- Some small bug fixed on Android

version 1.2 (29/09/2016):

- Update latest React Native to 0.34.
- Add new 4 menu styles.
- Add new page for the index template. 
- Add new WordPress API.
- Add integration demo with WordPress to fetch the data from posts and show detail.
- Add preview HTML post detail.
- Improve performance & fix bug of sticky top bar.
- Fixed issue on TabBar.
- Add Constraints file for variable setting.

version 1.1 (28/07/2016)

- Add new WooCommerce API
- Adding page name Woo Product that connected to the WooCommerce backend site, now you can integrate your app by new API.
- Upgrade React Native to 30.0 & related library 
- Fix auto layout on the intro page
- Fixed the tap issues of Navigation bar on real device.
- Sticky menu on product & woo-product page
- Lazy loading on woo-product page
- Replace the Refresh control on product page that could be use on both iOs and Android.

version 1.0 (13/07/2016) 

Release first version 1.0

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